Monday, March 1, 2010

Vanity flair

Travelling the world and taking pictures is a big part of my job as a writer/editor of a travel magazine. I'm not the best photographer in the world but have learned over the years how to frame a subject and to take the right pictures to suit the theme of a story.
But featuring people is difficult, unless a subject is a model or has prepared themselves for a photo shoot, we don't really cut it as models.
What I really have a problem with is using pictures of myself; most of the time I like to stay well outside the frame - due to excessive vanity on my part - but sometimes I have to jump into the picture. I was given a beautiful day pack by Kathmandu to test drive recently. I took it to Tasmania for the Maria Island bushwalk and gourmet food trip (see previous blog).
the pack was fabulous, light, strong, carried everything I needed and was, full up, very comfortable. So to prove I had carried it I starred in this picture. It has taken me three weeks to gather the courage to post this picture - a Vanity Fair cover? I think not, but vanity with a dash of flair, I'll own up to. Visit:

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