Sunday, February 7, 2010

Signs of the times

 It's about to begin, the Winter Olympics 2010! And with Canada being the gracious host for the Games, I thought I would put up a couple of signs from around the town of Whistler - where much of the ski events are being held. Last I heard there was snow being dropped on a mountain close to Vancouver - glad there's no global warming.
Whistler (with heaps of snow) is fantastic - winter or summer. Magnificent countryside, mountains, forests, village and accommodation – it's the buzz whether there's a major event on or not. Do some research and find out for yourself. When you visit, try and stay at the divine Fairmont Hotel in Whistler - the views from the rooms are wonderful. If you are reading this, you probably aren't in Canada - but maybe you are. Visit:


  1. Ooh are you going to the Olympics this year Bev? That would be so exciting! :)

  2. Whistler is a wonderful area in British Columbia and one that is particularly loved by Aussies! A winter or summer destination, it's packed with many adrenaline filled or soft adventure activities. Try ziptrek ( for amazing views of the mountains and creek whilst whizzing through the air on a zipline.

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