Monday, February 22, 2010

And Bula to you . . .

Just returned from a four-day cruise in Fiji, heading up and around the Yasawa Island group. After a day relaxing at the divine Sofitel hotel on Denarau Island - think pool, foot massage, back massage and gourmet dinner. Then to the marina to hop on board for a stunning Captain Cook Cruise. It is supposed to be the wet season but during the trip only encountered one crazy downpour that lasted for about 40 minutes - then back to sunshine perfect. The sea most of the time was like rolling silk. Eat (quite a lot), sleep (why not) and swim – in so many locations - pristine water, beautiful beaches, and a cave (remember the Blue Lagoon movie! That swim in the cave is in my top ten swims I've had in my life!
We visited a school to meet the kids and donate pens, pencils, books etc. The choir sang, we shed a tear and then the kids showed us around their under resourced school with great pride. They copped a hammering from last year's cyclone and are still trying to pick up the pieces.
If you've forgotten how to have a holiday without TV, email, shopping and frantic hunting and gathering of cultural 'icons', chill out in Fiji with some of the best, and most charming people on earth - Fijians.

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  1. Welcome back Bev! Wow a top 10 swim no less. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! :)