Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Guinea monotones

These two pictures were captured at the foot of Tavurvur volcanic crater in Rabaul, New Guinea. One looks like a few old bones (they are twigs, settled into the ash), the other is what remains of a once flourishing landscape. 
Walking around the ash-blanketed beachfront and seeing the remains of foliage still standing in its petrified state is weird – life has lost all its colour.
After coming from the mainland of New Guinea with its brilliant, tropical colours surrounding me at every turn, this black and white world feels apocalyptic. There is still smoke curling into the air and, since the last almighty eruption in 1994, the look of the immediate area beneath and around the volcano feels like it happened a week ago. An eerie experience but an up close and personal look at what nature is capable of.

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