Sunday, January 24, 2010

Australia Day 2010

Tomorrow is Australia Day, and all over the country there will be a variety of celebrations, parties, ceremonies and I dare say a few million barbecues. It comes back to food doesn't it? It is a great day for friends to get together and throw the odd lamington on the barbie, see how many kilos of prawns you can eat before the second course at dinner and perhaps wash it all down with a glass of something cold.
And on Australia Day, the 'Australian of the Year' award is announced. Scientists, men and women of medicine, philanthropy, sport, the arts and of heroic deeds are all in the running. But my vote this year is for a classic Australian - Nola Turnbull. Nola owns Fredo's Pies on the holiday coast, northern NSW about 5km from Kempsey in the tiny village of Frederickson. Thumbs up for serving amazing pies and cakes to hungry visitors since 1993. My Order of Australia vote is for Nola - the lady, the legend. Visit:
and for more information on this stunning part of Australia go to


  1. haha go Nola!

    The local bakery here in Balmain is doing green and gold Lamingtons for Australia Day - do you think they could share the award?

  2. How funny! I love Fredo's Pies too! :D I love the unusual flavours that they have and I think I've been served by her too. Happy Australia Day Bev! :)