Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Peas on earth

A couple of years ago I spent the weekend before Christmas at the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba which is in the Blue Mountains NSW, an hour or so drive west from Sydney. The Carrington is an elegant, old hotel, with tradition and charm being its main drawcard. As we drove up to the front door an apparition caught my attention – was seeing believing? It was a Christmas tree structure that Salvador Dali would have approved of – it was made of fake peas in their pods. As you can see by the picture this wasn't the prettiest tree in the forest, nor on the block for that matter, but it had a certain whimsical charm. I kept the picture as I thought it might make a nice Christmas card - but hey! Best not to shock friends and family. It has to be the worst tree I've seen. Can you better this? Enjoy the Carrington Hotel all year round, it's on the top of the hill in Katoomba and top of many people's list for atmospheric places to stay. Visit: