Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fruit of the vines

On a recent visit to the Granite Belt in South East Qld (round Stanthorpe and Warwick) we wandered into the Bramble Patch to do a bit of berry shopping. Not one (normally) to promote product placement, I just have to say that we taste tested some wonderful jams and exotic condiments and I came home with a few more bottles to fill up the doors of my fridge. One of the items I purchased was The Bramble Patch Ruby Quince Paste which I enjoyed sharing with friends on the side of some cheeses from the Granite Belt Dairy - what a twosome. A couple of discerning friends pronounced the Quince paste better than - dare I say it - Maggie B----s! More on the fabulous produce from that part of Oz in a Get Up & Go issue in 2010.
(The Bramble Patch - yep, follow the signs - is at Townsend Road, Glen Aplin, Old. And the Granite Belt Dairy is at 4 Duncan Lane, Thurlimbah, Qld. When you visit the dairy look in the adjoining paddock and me the cows from whence the best cheese ingredient comes from.
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