Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fruit of the vines

On a recent visit to the Granite Belt in South East Qld (round Stanthorpe and Warwick) we wandered into the Bramble Patch to do a bit of berry shopping. Not one (normally) to promote product placement, I just have to say that we taste tested some wonderful jams and exotic condiments and I came home with a few more bottles to fill up the doors of my fridge. One of the items I purchased was The Bramble Patch Ruby Quince Paste which I enjoyed sharing with friends on the side of some cheeses from the Granite Belt Dairy - what a twosome. A couple of discerning friends pronounced the Quince paste better than - dare I say it - Maggie B----s! More on the fabulous produce from that part of Oz in a Get Up & Go issue in 2010.
(The Bramble Patch - yep, follow the signs - is at Townsend Road, Glen Aplin, Old. And the Granite Belt Dairy is at 4 Duncan Lane, Thurlimbah, Qld. When you visit the dairy look in the adjoining paddock and me the cows from whence the best cheese ingredient comes from.
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two styles

Check these two pictures out - one (guess which one) was taken at the gates to the Royal Palace, Street 240 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Lovely, wrought iron work with traditional image. The other one - an edgy take on casual furniture - look carefully at what the legs are made of, shows the ingenuity of the Cambodians.
Still poverty stricken, the country never wastes anything - especially military apparatus - which there is much of still lying around. Much of it has been collected too; shells, artillery, army vehicles and all been put to good use.
Takes recycling to a new level doesn't it?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

20 years on . . .

Do you remember when the Berlin Wall came down? It was 20 years ago today. I remember how thrilling it was and very emotional watching the drama unfold on TV. All those years and such a short time to crack the formidable facade. I spent quite a lot of time in Berlin during the early 80s and was obsessed with the 'other side' and would go through Checkpoint Charlie at least once a week. I haven't been back to Berlin since the wall came tumbling down but I do remember Berlin as a dark and sexy kind of city in the 80s. They were the days!
Another wall closer to home is this one (pictured), of a wall of glass in the park opposite Lake Wendouree (very empty lake) in Victoria's Ballarat. I just love this picture - the contrast and the colour of the rainy day.Have an excellent week and let me know where you were when the wall came down. Visit: www.ballarat.com and www.melbourneandsurrounds.com.au

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cook's breakfast

Enjoyed a breakfast on Sydney Harbour with Captain Cook cruises. Leaving Circular Quay at a civilised time of 9.30am, we ate fruit, eggs, smoked salmon, a croissant and another serving of fruit while enjoying one of the best harbour sights in the world. Back on land at 11.30 and back to the real world of Sydney, spring time Sunday bustle. What a great day.
P.S. Anyone seen the film, Julie & Julia yet? If you love food, Paris and Meryl Streep go see it now. Be prepared to gain 3kgs while watching the movie – it's all about the butter!
Visit: www.captaincook.com.au