Monday, September 28, 2009

Food for thought

I've been busy getting the spring edition of Get Up & Go together – out first week in October. I have been also been writing a little story on Glasgow – highlights of the city actually. It got me thinking abut the great food I had to eat there - mod Scots I believe they call it. I ate beautiful salmon, fresh veggies and good local lamb.. But all's not great in Scotland for food – there's still the fast and greasy food. In fact I read a fact that the population of Glasgow has the highest cholesterol of any other city/town group in the UK. I saw a few signs advertising Fried Mars Bars. True. And a friend tells me, and crosses his heart, that he once ate a battered deep fried pie! And favourite snack food after big night out at a pub (and this is all through the UK) chips and curry sauce.
Anyone for a nice, crisp, clean Vietnamese rice paper roll!


  1. Did the deep fried Mars Bar originate in Scotland? Does anyone actually eat them? I also heard they had made an appearance at Bondi Beach, Sydney in a fish and chip shop. Urgh!I'll take a fresh Vietnamese roll anyday. The best I ever had was in the Mekong Delta - we wrapped Elephant Ear fish with vegs and fresh mint and chilli in rice paper. Yumo.
    Kerry van der Jagt

  2. Fried Mars Bars were certainly around in Scotland when I lived there.
    Nothing beats a serve of haggis and chips, though.