Monday, August 17, 2009

Toilet humour

Cheap, cheap, cheap! Airfares have never been so inexpensive - keep looking and you'll get to where you want to go for very few dollars. All fares, domestic and international are expected to stay in the low $ range for a while but the word on the tarmac is that fares will begin to take off to greater heights next year - so the thing to do is to book now, never been a better time. Go on!
In Australia we have low cost airlines, which on the world stage are pretty good compared with some that shall remain nameless. But the major model for cheap airlines is Ryanair which has more complaints against it than anyone we've heard of and just as many champions of the cheap and less than cheerful airline.
Whether this is true or not, here is what the company wants for the future of the airline:
free airfares for everybody, but a higher ancillary bank of charges for extras like luggage and excess luggage, paying to go to the toilet, standing passengers (instead of sitting passengers they are strapped into a harness - to comply with safety regulations), passengers checking their bags in themselves to ground handlers on the tarmac to save check-in coast. This could be really funny if I didn't have that cold shiver of a premonition running down my back.
Remember what your mother said before you went on a trip? "Best go to the toilet before we go". If we are to pay for the loo, best we do!

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