Monday, July 20, 2009

Shoe security

Watching as I went through security at Sydney domestic airport a couple of days ago, a fellow traveller  down on his knees, undoing his shoes, and stuck down there. Then he had to take his belt off - all par for the course I know, but how about a couple of chairs for the older folk at airports, airport people?  Then again, how about older people remembering to wear slip-on shoes? You have been warned, it gets very uncomfortable wobbling around shoeless.
A clue to culinary superiority in Charleville – chocolate spring rolls. I kid you not. And very scrumptious indeed – with ice cream of course.


  1. I agree, Beverley. My wife simply sighs, and removes belt, shoes, bracelets and any other metal bearing accessories.... And if she's lucky, once she has passed through they will do an explosives powder test! And she is 5.1, small in build and very cute.... I, on the other hand, simply stroll through and am never questioned!!! And I generally wear a funny hat that bears a striking resemblance to that which is worn by Muslim men!!

  2. Hey Bev,

    That's amazing! From my experience, the most adventurous dish in western Queensland is a Chicken Kiev that tastes more like Chicken Chernobyl

    Graham Simmons