Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get Up & Go winter edition

The latest and greatest Get Up & Go magazine is out and about. Read about Scotland, Canada, Austria, London (can you believe it) on a budget, Affordable (you better believe it) New York and a fascinating religious ceremony in Vietnam . . . be there or be square.
Sometimes after I have finished writing a story I remember everything I forgot to mention. In the case of 'Highland Spring', featured in the latest issue of the magazine I forgot to tell about how beautiful the water is in the Highlands. Water that had a beautiful taste, felt silky on the skin and really made my hair shiny. The water is why Scotch Whisky is reputed to be the best in the world,; the water filters slowly through the moss and peat which gives it its pure concentration and the magic that makes a wee dram so damn good!

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  1. Keen to hear about Vietnam - Jetstar have had some REALLY cheap fares to Ho Chi Minh lately. Hmmmm ... and I've got a month's leave up my sleeve.