Monday, July 27, 2009

Competition deluge

Get Up & Go winter edition has only been on the shelves or in the readers' hands for about three weeks and already we are overwhelmed with competition entries. New subscribers are vying for an amazing holiday in Beijing, China and readers' are itching to win the trip to Port Douglas – so, be in it to win it. Visit: to enter the competitions and to subscribe or even catch up on some great archived travel stories.
And 'signs of the times' below – how about them? Spot the deliberate mistake. Rob Cleary took the marmelade picture at the Chilli Festival in Sawtell, NSW (despite the spelling, the marmalade is delicious, and as for the accent on the cafe sign, that picture was taken in Tynemouth, England.
If you have a photo of a particularly atrociously spelt sign, please send it in to and I'll run the best of the bunch in the near future, I'll send the winner a travel book as a prize too. Send pics by the end of August.  Hapi snapin!

Signs of the times

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Funky Fitzroy

Having a couple of days in marvellous Melbourne, seems everyone visiting, except me, is here to see 'JerseyBoys'. Weather coolish but OK, spent Friday morning on the 'Hidden Secrets' lanes tour - fun and the joy of discovering Melbourne's secrets was overwhelming - aah! the shops. It's, for me, still the best shopping city in Australia.
Saturday went hunting for a market that wasn't about organic fruit and veg. and found the Fitzroy markets: small and tucked away in Rose St Fitzroy, search for it. Lovely, creative, funky stuff for sale, handmade and interesting articles, I purchased a couple of lovely items for the 'gift drawer' and sampled cake and coffee at the market's 'Kanteen'.
Headed across town to toney Armidale to cruise the antique shops, but that was all about browsing.
Back to Sydney tonight to get ready for work tomorrow. Au revoir Melbourne.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Shoe security

Watching as I went through security at Sydney domestic airport a couple of days ago, a fellow traveller  down on his knees, undoing his shoes, and stuck down there. Then he had to take his belt off - all par for the course I know, but how about a couple of chairs for the older folk at airports, airport people?  Then again, how about older people remembering to wear slip-on shoes? You have been warned, it gets very uncomfortable wobbling around shoeless.
A clue to culinary superiority in Charleville – chocolate spring rolls. I kid you not. And very scrumptious indeed – with ice cream of course.

Kerosene can house in Morven, Qld.

Charleville: Cosmic encounter

Just returned from a three day trip to Charleville, two hours flight west from Brisbane into mulga/cattle/scones and the star-studded Cosmos Cente and Observatory. I saw stars! checked out many species of trees that I didn't know existed; learned about the two men who started the 'save the Bilby' quest - and it is a success; ate enough scones to unbalance a CWA stall table and generally had a fine time.

There are amazing stories out there of droughts and flooding plains. The town has wide, wide streets that were created to let the thousands of cattle through in the days when the cattle drives came in droves through town. We'll feature this part of the world in the autumn 2010 issue of Get Up & Go.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get Up & Go winter edition

The latest and greatest Get Up & Go magazine is out and about. Read about Scotland, Canada, Austria, London (can you believe it) on a budget, Affordable (you better believe it) New York and a fascinating religious ceremony in Vietnam . . . be there or be square.
Sometimes after I have finished writing a story I remember everything I forgot to mention. In the case of 'Highland Spring', featured in the latest issue of the magazine I forgot to tell about how beautiful the water is in the Highlands. Water that had a beautiful taste, felt silky on the skin and really made my hair shiny. The water is why Scotch Whisky is reputed to be the best in the world,; the water filters slowly through the moss and peat which gives it its pure concentration and the magic that makes a wee dram so damn good!

Dry July

Hopefully, hopefully this blog is a happening thing. I visited Papua New Guinea while the blog was static, so one country missed out on. But let me tell you, New Guinea is a colourful, exotic and beautiful destination - full of surprises. I'll throw a few pics in along this blogging journey.
But closer to home i spent a long weekend on the stunning Coffs Coast in Northern NSW, Only 45 mins by plane and I was in the lovely region of mountains, national parks, brilliant coastal beaches, charming hinterland towns and villages and the main event – Coffs Harbour – a burgeoning coastal hub.
Good restaurants and cafes spread the love here and the coffee met my great expectations.
Sawtell was the hot destination last weekend - it is the location for the annual Chilli Festival. All things hot and heavy and i have no idea why there is a chilli event held there - I think they use the chilli theme as an excuse for a party. It was fun. This is the place to spend the winter holidays – not too hot, not too cold, just right.