Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pictures imperfect

The back of the bike pic was taken in Hanoi. A few other travel writers and myself had dinner at the famous Kangaroo Cafe and after a 'fleet; of scooters was lined up to take us around the streets of Hanoi - in the evening it was fine, not crazy with traffic.
The other pic was me at the start of the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea - no, I didn't walk it, just headed down hill for two minutes then headed straight back up again while my companions went for a three hour walk. Those also serve who watch and wait . . .
Get Up & Go winter edition features a story on Cao Dai - Vietnam's most unusual religion and i'll write a story on Papua New Guinea for the spring edition.
True fact: In Papua New Guinea you get great hot chips and coffee.

Escorted by scooter in Hanoi & Pondering a long walk

Monday, June 15, 2009

Latest from the front

It's been a while but I had a lot of trouble 'working' the blog system. Hope I can follow through with it now.
My trip to Scotland is well and truly over - and a fine trip it was too.
A couple of weeks ago I was in Papua New Guinea – how different from the Scottish Highlands the New Guinea highlands are. 
Will be reporting on the trip soon.
Just writing the last stories for the next Get Up & Go magazine – winter issue. It's packed with great stories and lots of good ideas.
I'll be back! 
Now if I can just learn how to change the image and download some others - I'm getting a bit cold standing on that ship in a Norwegian fjord brrrrr